Sunrooms and Screen Rooms Bring You Closer to Nature Comfortably


Many homes stand to benefit from adding sunrooms and screen rooms. These are additions that give you more living space while allowing you to enjoy nature a little more. The difference between the two is that a sunroom is its own separate structure from the main house while a screen room is adding to an already existing porch. Either way, there are some great ways to take advantage of either. 

A sunroom can be used any time of year. When it is summer, you can spend some time in there, and due to its unique construction, it will be even warmer inside. It is also great during the winter when it might be raining or snowing. You can see everything nature has to offer while in the comfort of a room. One thing to consider is that a sunroom tends to cost more than a screen room, and that is due to the fact that an entirely unique structure needs to be constructed. 

Having a porch is a great addition to a house. However, you may not be able to be out there all the time if it is too windy. However, adding a screen room allows you to use your porch without being directly exposed to the temperature. One thing to consider is that if it is raining sideways, then the water could still potentially enter the space. You have to think about what kind of weather your area typically gets. 

Screen rooms and sunrooms are great investments, and you can even speak with your contractor about either getting a prefabricated structure or getting one built by scratch. Custom rooms will blend in more seamlessly with the rest of your property, but prefabricated ones are usually more affordable. It all comes down to what you want to get out of the new space, so consult with a professional builder.