Unique Remodeling Ideas for Your Kitchen and Bath

Few rooms offer as much return on investment as your kitchen and bathroom. Whether you’re adding a new bathroom, updated those tired cabinets or completely remodeling both rooms, kitchen and bath remodeling can be a major project that dramatically changes your home. As you shop for estimates and dream about your perfect home, here are some unique ideas for remodeling these two areas of your house.

It’s All About the Cabinets

Cabinets and countertops make or break a kitchen. Outdated cabinets with squeaky hinges are uninspiring, and many inexpensive countertops chip and crack over time. Ask a professional remodeling contractor to compare prices on a range of cabinets and countertops, and choose the best option that fits in your budget.

If upgrading your cabinets is out of your price range, ask about new hardware. Sometimes new handles and a coat of paint can completely change the look of your kitchen. One of the latest trends is to choose two complimenting colors for your cabinets. With upper cabinets one color and lower cabinets another, your kitchen will have more depth, interest and unique style.

From Boring Bath to Luxurious Spa

For a room that is used for many purposes, most bathrooms are dull, dreary and sometimes even impractical. A few simple touches or big ticket luxury items can make your entire home feel more comfortable and luxurious. If you’re willing to spend a little extra, ask your remodeling team about a soaker tub or walk-in shower. As long as your bathroom can accommodate it, these items are instant favorites and either one brings tremendous value to your home.

Don’t let a few dreary rooms keep your house from feeling like a home. Whether you need a fresh, new color scheme or a complete remodel, contact a local remodeling expert for your kitchen and bath remodeling project. Remodeling these rooms not only helps you feel more at home, but also offers more practical use of your home.