Choosing a Practical Sunroom for Your Home

Building an addition onto your home’s exterior can be a great way to expand your family’s environment, offering more personal living space for everyone under your roof. One of the best ideas for expanding your property is through a brightly-lit sunroom, which provides you with both indoor and outdoor living in one easy-to-build structure. If you’re considering your options and have been veering towards the idea of a majestic sunroom-style addition, here are some practical concepts for sunrooms that will elevate the look and comfortability of your home in no time. 

Opt for a Three-Season Room

Making it easier to enjoy your home and your surrounding property through spring, summer and fall, the three-season sunroom concept is highly prized by those who have them. Usually designed as an enclosed addition with floor-to-ceiling windows, this type of sunroom caters to those who want to experience more of the natural outdoor setting, while still being able to avoid harsh weather, changing climates and seasonal bugs.

Contact a licensed professional to help design and construct your sunroom, and have him or her help you choose from materials like vinyl or aluminum to ensure easy maintenance, durability, energy efficiency and color varieties that match your home’s exterior.

Try a Screened-In Wooden Porch

If you’d rather not have your home addition feel quite as enclosed, a screened-in wood porch still offers many of these features without as rigid of a structure. Wood sunrooms offer a traditional, natural look that will simply complement your foliage and yard space, not detract from it.

However, these styles of sunroom are mostly designed for summer use, as the screens can only protect you and your family from bugs, not from colder climates, wind or rain. Take such aspects of a sunroom into account before settling on the ideal one for your particular home.

There’s no denying the many perks and benefits that sunrooms have to offer. Once you’ve done your initial research, hiring a qualified contractor to expand your home’s living space can be a great, practical decision for your entire household.