Interviewing Potential Sunroom Contractors


Who does love spending time in a beautiful and custom-built sunroom? The only problem is finding the right sunroom contractor for the job. Many contractors attempt high-pressure tactics to force the hand of prospective clients, everything from lying about their schedule to promising better prices for signing a contract the same day as the estimate. No reputable contractor will push you into a decision because he or she knows big financial investments require time. When you set out to select a builder for your sunroom, eliminate any who try pressure sales tactics, but more importantly, come prepared to your initial meeting with questions, approaching the process as an interview.

Ask About Company History, Experience, Licensing, and Insurance

Before you consider hiring any sunroom contractor, it is pivotal to know their history. Ask about the business. How long has it been in operation? How many projects does it do per year? Have any significant management changes occurred recently, and what does that mean for any projects?

Beyond basic questions, you should also ask about business accreditations, licensing, and certifications. All of these things represent a professional and recognized standing in the construction industry and the state. It would be best if you also asked about insurance to ensure you will not become liable for any accidents on your property.

Trust and Verify the Company Story

Even if you believe everything the contractor tells you about the company and the service, do not take his or her word for it. Perform a background check using the Better Business Bureau; the service will provide a graded listing for the company and highlight all complaints and company responses if any.

In the process of due diligence, you should always ask for references and search for your own. Most contractors will happily provide a list of satisfied clients. Call all of them. Once you finish the supplied list, scour the internet for reviews and ratings.

A sunroom contractor is the only one qualified to build a quality structure. However, it is crucial you interview and verify the professional doing the work on your home.