Design Build Contractors Can Save You Money in These Three Ways

Renovation, rebuilding or constructing a home from scratch is an exciting experience. Is there anything quite like the joy of being able to pick out all the tiny details that go into making a house your dream home? Probably not.

Even so, many homeowners feel overwhelmed by the contractor options and what type to work with. Should they choose a traditional builder or a design-build firm? If saving money is important to you, here are a few reasons you should choose the latter.

  1.  One Hiring Process

When working on a house the old-fashioned way, builders focus on building and architects focus on designing. In a design-build model, one firm handles both aspects. This saves the homeowner time and money during the initial interview and hiring process due to a two-birds-one-stone scenario. Because both the designer and builders work together for the same company, the homeowner also saves additional time that would have otherwise been spent trying to coordinate between the two.

  1.  Minimize Errors

Delays and construction errors are fairly common when two different professionals with different priorities try to work together on the same project. Even with the best of intentions, there may be miscommunications. When both professionals come from the same team, communication improves and any errors from miscommunication are handled internally. This reduces delays and the need for spending the budget on fixing rather than advancing the project.

  1.  Better Flexibility

Life happens and unfortunately, some bad aspects of it may happen in the middle of a major renovation on your home. This may cause you to rethink some big expenses you were previously willing to splurge on, sending the design team back to the drawing board. When both architects and builders work together under one roof — no pun intended — they have a better chance of presenting holistic solutions. In short, making last minute changes may cost you a lot less time, money and confusion.