The Design-Build Method: A Smarter Choice for Home Renovation

While homes, apartments and commercial buildings have been traditionally built through contracts with separate architects and general contractors, newer methods have developed in which only one contractor completes both the design and construction process. Known as the design-build method, this helps owners consolidate their choices to contracting a single design-build firm.

One of the most immediately apparent benefits of hiring a single entity to complete home renovations is the simplicity and convenience of making a decision on who to contract. The design-bid-build method would require you to shop around for architects and other contractors who can all work together. Not only is finding one contractor hard enough, but finding multiple who can work well together could be a nightmare. If you can avoid the hassle of hiring separate contractors for the design and construction phases, you’ve already saved yourself some energy for the more important parts of the renovation process.

In addition, having all your jobs assigned to one firm means having just a single source you need to work with. That will make communication much simpler and more efficient once it’s time to implement plans. Even before any foundation is laid down, knowing that the people designing and planning your renovations are also the ones going through and constructing those plans is an extra level of protection and comfort.

The single firm will be responsible for all the things you need to worry about, from the cost of the project upfront, to seeing it to completion. Having a dedicated team means they will be more focused on details of the plan that a separate contractor might miss out of negligence of carelessness.

At the end of the day, things are often better coordinated with one group of people working on a single project. As such, your home renovations are likely to get done much quicker when working with a design-build firm. Home renovations are already a daunting task to undertake – make it easier with a more efficient choices.