Tips for Designing a Breathtaking Screened Porch

If you love the outdoors, few home design options are as wonderful as a screened porch. This type of addition gives you the best of both worlds: the comfort of interior spaces with the relaxation of the outdoors. You can spend time feeling the refreshing evening breeze without having to worry about bugs. Here are a few tips for creating the porch of your dreams.

Focus on Your Lifestyle

A covered porch is even more enjoyable when you customize it to the activities you love. This should be the basis of any decisions you make. What kind of open air activities do you like the most? If you adore entertaining guests or having meals as a family outside, make sure your covered porch has enough room for a large dining table.

On the other hand, if you love watching hummingbirds in your garden, then you’ll want a patio that offers great views. Choose lots of large windows so you can see all the vibrant colors of nature clearly. This same idea applies to couples who enjoy romantic meals together or people searching for some solitude in the early morning.

Design Your Patio Around Your Home

When having a professional build this type of home expansion, there’s a tendency to imitate what you see in design magazines or photographs. And while getting inspiration is a good thing, you also want to adapt your ideas to the other parts of your home. That way everything looks harmonious and stays true to your personality. For example, a home with country charm would probably have a porch that has rustic wood elements. If you’re into breezy Mediterranean surfaces, then your porch should reflect those same details.

Keep in Mind the Seasons

Always ask home design experts for recommendations about weather-proofing the patio. When cold weather sets in, it pays to have plenty of insulation and heating if you plan on using the space during fall and winter. The right choice depends on your budget and personal preferences.