Benefits of Having a Three Season Room

You love your house, but it always seems a little cramped. You want to entertain more often, but you don’t have the space to have the parties you would like to throw. A three season room can expand your current living space and provide other benefits with relatively little time and expense.

Increase Living Space
If you have an existing porch or deck that doesn’t get a lot of use, converting it into a three season porch may change that. It gives outdoor space more structure and works as an extension of your home. When the temperatures outside are nice, it gives you or your guests a sheltered place to relax or congregate.

Avoid Pests and Weather
As fun as outdoor entertaining can be, it often comes with some drawbacks. Flying insects and inclement weather such as rain can put a damper on the party. With a three season room, however, you can still have the benefit of outdoor breezes without having to deal with all the annoyances that come with them.

Raise Property Value
A three season porch is attractive to many potential home buyers. If you are looking to sell your home in the next few years, this addition can increase its value and maybe even give you a selling edge when it goes on the market.

Lay Groundwork for Sunroom
Having an enclosed space outside an exterior door can lead to other possibilities down the road. You may find that you love using your three season porch so much that you want to make it a space that you can enjoy all year. It’s not hard to turn a three season porch into a sunroom, which expands your indoor space while still giving you the same outdoor views.

Adding a three season room can have many benefits. It gives you one more way to enjoy your home and can make it easier to sell when you are ready to move on to another place.