Warmer weather often means a renewed focus on home and lawn repairs. Maintaining your outdoor space can sound daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. With a little hired help, this spring is the perfect time to add some curb appeal to your home. Here are three simple ways adding a screened porch to your home can brighten the front of your house on a budget.

1. Provides Space You Can Use
There are many benefits to investing in a screened porch. It allows you to use your porch or deck space all year round. Not only that, but it prevents bothersome insects such as mosquitos and flies from impeding on your relaxation time. A basic screened porch is more affordable than you may think and can add value and curb appeal to your home. However, it’s best to leave the installation to the professionals any time you’re adding on to your home. A licensed contractor knows how to handle building permits, engineering details, and hiring additional help.

2. Additional Opportunity to Update Front Door
Something as simple as installing a new front door within your newly screened porch space can add wonders to your home. Generally, the front door provides the first impression many people get when arriving at your home. Doors can be shipped directly to your home and can be installed right along with your outdoor space. A colored door can also add a bit of extra flair to the outside of your home.

3. Better Curb Appeal
Some older homes may have run down exterior spaces. Yet, with a little extra work, your sad-looking porch can look fresh and new. When you add a screened porch to your house, the new addition not only adds more living space but creates a much-needed facelift to the outside of your home. Updating the exterior of your home also adds equity and value to your space.

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