Planning for a Perfect Sunroom

A sunroom is a great way to add extra space to your home. It can be a quiet place to relax separately from the main rooms or a functional gathering spot. Designing one you will be happy with for years to come requires planning before construction begins. Create a checklist of items to discuss with your contractor so they can better understand what your vision is. Below are some basic aspects to consider in the initial phase.


Have a budget in mind before beginning any project design. The cost of a sunroom can vary widely and it’s easy for a list of wants to make a project bid soar rapidly. Understand how each design element contributes and focus on your highest priorities.


One major question concerns when you want to enjoy your new space. Do you plan on it being a true sunroom, or will it be a fully heated and cooled space? The answer can add cost and complexity to the design so it’s important to decide at the beginning. The cost savings without HVAC may be beneficial, but that needs to be compared with the fact the sunroom may only be useable a few months out of the year without it.


A sunroom can be a wholly separate sanctuary or it can be an extension of the home. Floor to ceiling glass can make for appealing visuals but it also limits the functionality of the room. Half panels in the design can allow for electrical outlets to be present. Another consideration should be the type of windows. There is the option of a fixed design as well as the choice to have them open and turn it into more of a screened porch area.

Putting some upfront thought into your sunroom design can prevent headaches as the project unfolds. Knowledgeable contractors with experience building them can answer questions ahead of time and ensure the final result is what you were looking for.