Ideas for Making More Out of Your Garage

Like anyone else, as time goes on, your personal and family situations can change. At one time, you may have needed every inch of space in your two- or three-car garage. But now, perhaps you are misusing the area. There’s always something different you can try in your garage, so it may be time to get creative and do a garage addition. Consider different plans for maximizing this area.

Add Some Storage

This could be the right move if you’ve downsized from three cars to two or from two to one. If you no longer need the entire garage for parking, think about creating more storage room. You may already use this area to keep odds and ends. However, a true renovation project here can help you get a handle on the space and organize it properly. Install some cabinets, cupboards, shelves or storage bins. You can even put in a closet or two to place outdoor gear, sports equipment or tools.

How About a Bedroom?

If you’ve got a three-car garage, it may make sense to turn that extra part into a bedroom. The square footage is already there, so why add to your home? You can build a wall between the two garages, throw down some carpet and insulation and turn it into a cozy bedroom for someone in your family.

Make Your Office

Who doesn’t want an office at home? This can be perfect for people who work remotely. Instead of tearing up the house and disrupting your daily routine, convert a portion of the garage into your workspace. Make sure this garage addition has proper ventilation and lighting. You’ll also want to check with city zoning requirements to make sure you can do this project.

A garage addition may be the right move if you need more living space. Think about these ideas and share them with an experienced contractor.