Use Pergolas To Create Beautiful Backyard Spaces


When tackling landscaping for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed. No matter how big or small the yard is, there are a wealth of options to consider and getting them all may neither be financially plausible nor financially possible. To simplify the design process, many homeowners now turn to using a pergola to create a focal point for their dream backyard spaces.

  1.  Consider Architecture

There are many different pergola designs so choose wisely. You don’t want to get one that ends up being at odds with your house. That said, many people choose pergolas that differ completely in style from their home but find talented landscapers that tie everything together. You also want to consider color when doing this, but this is less important if you’re willing to do some painting.

  1.  Decide the Purpose

Why are you landscaping the yard? Do you actually plan to go outside or do you enjoy looking at it from the porch? Do you entertain outside often, or is it just the kids who go out there to play? Your answer to these questions will decide what kind of pergolas to get. For example, pergolas that act as a patio cover would be ideal for entertaining. Meanwhile, open-air pergolas would be better as an aesthetic addition to a garden.

  1.  Set a Budget

Some pergolas can be very expensive. Often, the higher the likelihood of you falling in love with it, the higher the price tag will be. Set your budget before you go shopping and then stick with that budget as you shop. You can find pergolas for several hundred dollars or several thousand, so choose wisely. Based on the cost of the design they want, some homeowners may even decide to hire contractors to build pergolas for their properties from scratch.

From creating the skeleton for cat runs to providing a quiet spot for relaxation, a pergola can serve many purposes in your landscape design. Plan carefully, set your budget and hire professionals to ensure a safe installation.

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