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Design Build Construction: The Best Solution for Your Construction Project

There are two main routes to completing a construction project: traditional and design build (DB). Traditional methods generally require the owner of the project to maintain separate relationships and contracts with the designer and the contractor. The designer and contractor then often subcontract out that work, creating a hierarchy that only becomes more convoluted the deeper you dig.

Design build construction follows a much simpler process, whereby the same company designs and builds the project. There is a much shorter chain of command, cutting down build time. It also improves communication between different teams, the project manager and the project owner.

The Growth of Design Build Construction

It is estimated that by 2021, 44 percent of construction spending will be on DB projects. Most of this money will come from the government and manufacturing industry. However, much of this will also be spent on homes. Here are some of the reasons home owners are hiring DB entities:

  • DB construction costs 1.9 percent less than construction manager at risk (CMR) and 0.3 percent less than design-bid-build (DBB), which are both traditional delivery models.
  • DB cost growth is 2.4 percent less than CMR and 3.8 percent less than DBB.
  • DB construction speed is 13 percent faster than CMR and 36 percent faster than DBB.
  • DB construction delivery speed is 61 percent faster than CMR and 102 percent faster than DBB.
  • DB construction schedule growth is 3.9 percent less than CMR and 1.7 percent less than DBB.
  • Homeowners only need to contract and maintain communication with one company, minimizing confusion and shortening the chain of command.

Choosing a Professional Company

There are many companies all across the United States that now specialize in design build construction. The best of the lot will ensure your project gets done within time and cost restraints and at the best possible quality. However, before signing a contract, be sure to check that the company you choose is bonded, licensed and insured. This helps to protect your investment.

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