How Best to Proceed With a Second Story Addition


If you have a larger family and you want more living space or simply room to entertain, adding on additions can be a great way to enhance your home. However, building an entire second story addition is far different than merely tacking on a single room to your first story home. Before you make any quick decisions with your plans to create a second story, consider how best to proceed and what the entire renovation project will entail.


First and foremost, it’s important to determine whether or not the addition is allowed to be built. City rules and regulations often have guidelines for property lines, floor-area ratios, lot coverage and the like, so doing your research and asking for answers from professionals should be the first step in your home renovation project.


Also, it’s wise to have a home inspector come out to check your home’s foundation and overall structure. Adding a second story addition can be dangerous if the foundation of your home can’t support the added weight, so speaking with your inspector or an architectural engineer before advancing with your plans is key to a safe renovation.


Meanwhile, it’s important to find building contractors you can trust to get the job done right. While this applies to any home renovation project, choosing builders who understand the perimeters and scope of the project and how best to build another story onto a home can help ensure your safety as well as give you peace of mind.


Finally, designate a place for you and your family to take shelter while the process of building is underway. The enormity of building another level will certainly take time, and trying to live in the chaos of a project site can only be detrimental to your daily life.


Adding a second story addition to your home can be a great idea for widening your living area and giving everyone their own personal space. However, it’s crucial to consider the entirety of the project you have in mind before getting started.