When it comes to building, adding on to, or renovating a home, having the right design build team can make all of the difference. These companies combine the design and build phases into one company to make sure that everything you want to get done, and the design you decide on, are possible for the time, materials and local building codes. This allows you to hire one firm, have one contact for questions and concerns and pay one bill.


One Hire

When you hire a design build firm for your construction project, you will save yourself the hassle of having to find an architect to design the building and then a construction company to build it. You can also save yourself the time and frustration of running into zoning or materials problems because the architect and contractor will work together to get it done.


One Contact

By hiring one company for both the design and build firms, you can have one contact for all your project questions. This can save you the runaround of the contractor directing your concerns to the architect and vice versa.


One Bill

One of the major benefits of hiring one firm for both the build and design phases is that you will be paying one firm for all the professional fees owed on the project. This means that you can have one quote for the entire project instead of having to pay an architect and then, later, pay the contractor. When you have one bill to pay, it makes it easier to apply for construction loans, design payment plans and much more.


Design build contractors can help you streamline your projects by giving you one firm to hire, one contact for all your questions and one bill to pay. This can help you have an easier time getting the project designed to build and built to design because the architect and contractor will work well with each other.

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