Choosing The Best Countertops For Your Kitchen


In the past, it seemed like the only option for kitchen and bathroom countertops was Formica. While that retro look is still available and desired by some, there are many other types of material to transform the surface area. Along with the different materials comes a dizzying array of colors to choose from. Kitchen countertops have never looked so good and a good design team can help bring your kitchen to life with this one small change.


At the lower and middle of the price range, you can find tile, concrete, and engineered solid surfaces. Tiles are cost effective, easy to maintain, and come in many different colors and designs. Similarly, concrete has become more popular due color variety and durability. Finally, one of the most versatile materials for kitchen and bathroom countertops is an engineered stone surface. These non-porous surfaces require little upkeep other than regular cleaning.  Another mid-range countertop option is butcher block, but this requires more specialized care to avoid damaging the new kitchen counter. In general, prices for countertops at the lower end can run $10 to $50 a square foot.


At the upper end of the price range, you can find marble and granite countertops. These surfaces beautiful to look at and touch. However, they need more up keep than some of the middle to lower end choices. In particular, the stones are porous and must be sealed periodically to prevent damage. For instance, an unsealed countertop can absorb oil that makes a permanent stain marring the color. If maintained properly, these kitchen countertops can last forever. Prices for countertops at the high end can run $50 to $250 per square foot.


Some people dream of a whole kitchen remodel but sometime even just changing out the kitchen countertops can do wonders for the look and appeal of the kitchen. If you really aren’t sure which surface is best for your needs, a consultation with a professional is in order. A design consultant can help you choose the appropriate type of surface and color that fits your décor.