Is a Design Build Contractor the Best Option?


In a world of cookie cutter houses and strip malls, it seems as though that some builders believe one size fits all. However, more business and homeowners that want to customize their homes are going toward design build instead of the more ubiquitous, but less efficient and cost effective, design-bid-build. When all of the work is organized and done under one main designer, the work goes more quickly and efficiently.


In the more traditional design-bid-build, the company or home owner has to deal with both a contractor and a designer or architect. The contractor can’t begin work until the designer finishes the project. Finally, the work can begin but not until the workers are hired. These third-part contractors are hired under the umbrella of the contractor but with less oversite and potentially more liability and litigation. Problems with the design may become apparent only after the work has begun. When this happens, work stops. Time and money are lost.


A design build benefits the owner because all parties are working together to produce the best building with the most cost-efficient measures. Because all parties are working together, the system is streamlined. Contractors can be hard at work prepping the area for the building as the designers add the final touches to the blue prints. Any potential problems with the work can be addressed way before they become an immediate and costly issue. In addition, any cost saving measures can be instituted before beginning to build because the designer and contractor are working together to ensure a seamless end result.


Overall, utilizing a design build for residential or commercial use just makes more sense. Clients sit down with one group to plan and develop the perfect space. All contingencies are addressed before work begins to ensure a quick and streamlined construction process. The extra benefits are worth the time to investigate if this is the right choice for your project.